Give wine in Palma of Mallorca

Give wine in Mallorca 

Gifting someone a bottle of wine in Palma has become one of the best ways to show how much you appreciate them. It shows that you are taking an interest in them and that you know the person's tastes.

How to choose a good wine to give as a gift

The taste of the wine is influenced by a range of factors such as how it is preserved, the temperature, how well looked after the vines are or the soil type, to name but a few. Therefore, wines come in an array of different flavours, with woody or fruity notes for example.
Bear in mind that there are a number of differences between red, white and rosé wine, and that each of them is better suited to a specific type of food depending on the time of day or the type of dish being served.
You also have to ascertain the person's tastes and take into account when you plan on giving it to them. If it is a gift for a special occasion, considering the person's tastes should be enough. If, for example, you think they are going to drink it with meals, opt for a young wine and, if it is going to be accompanied by meat, a red wine would be the best option.
If, instead of giving it to someone on a special occasion as a gift, you plan on sharing it at a dinner party, take into account how many guests there will be because, even if it is a gift, it will be shared by everyone; so try not to go for something with only one person in mind. Furthermore, give some thought to whether it is going to be served at lunch or dinner, as well as what dishes it is going to be paired with; white wines pair better with fish, for example.

Give wines from Mallorca

Mallorca is an island with an abundance of vineyards, therefore, it cultivates an extensive variety of grapes. The same applies if, instead of wine, the person you are going to surprise is passionate about cava or sparkling wines. In that case, give them a bottle of cava in Palma.


Our wine shop in Palma de Mallorca also has an online store, so you can choose the specific type you want from the comfort of your home. Our extensive catalogue has a wide range of wines, each with different notes.

Definitely; Give wine in Palma of Mallorca

Make surprising someone with wine in Mallorca your go-to option. If you are unsure about the type of wine to go for, take into account its ageing to surprise someone with a bottle of wine that has been elaborated to be enjoyed and sipped in peace and quiet.