The best wine tasting in Palma de Mallorca

Wine tasting in Palma


We suggest enjoying a unique experience, a different kind of wine tasting in Palma. We have already described the advantages of doing a wine tasting in Mallorcària with our friends "Tast de vi", an unforgettable experience with your partner, your friends, your work colleagues or with whomever you decide. You'll be able to choose from among the THOUSANDS OF TYPES OF WINE TASTINGS that we have to offer.

Wine tourism and its importance on the island

Did you know that a lot of Mallorca's land is covered in vineyards? Many of the existing wineries strive to ensure that their wines are of the highest quality, since Mallorca has historically been home to great wines and a wide variety of native grapes. And although the tradition of making wine on the island had been lost, for several years now it has been going back to its roots.

But don't just take our word for it. A Mallorcan wine tasting is always the perfect way to appreciate the texture of these wines and the ideal pairing for trying local products. Thus, you will have the opportunity to try some of the island's gastronomic gems such as its cheeses, sobrassada or camaiot.


Several proposals available to try wines in Mallorca together with "TAST DE VI"

The best wine tasting in Mallorca has to adapt to each person, and for this reason, at Mallorcària we have thousands of different tastings that we offer, where each wine has its history.

Same grape variety in different areas.
Sampling wine from different continents.
The best varieties from Mallorca.

Remember that each tasting begins with a review of the history of the wine, its aging and its aromas and flavours. After learning about these details, the bottles of wine will be opened and several glasses will be served that you can taste. We will continue to discuss its flavour, aroma and history with our sommelier at all times. We are confident that you will find a wine that will surprise you with its quality and flavour.


Wine tastings for restaurants in Palma

Or perhaps you have a restaurant establishment and would like to organise a tasting to learn more about wines or a special event. A wine tasting for restaurants is always the perfect way to wow people. In addition, with "Tast de vi", you can select the type of wine you want to taste and then be able to offer it at your restaurant. Without a doubt, it will be a magnificent way to get to know different wines.


Come to the best wine tasting in Palma

Therefore, we recommend setting aside some time for a wine tasting in Palma. Since the tastings are themed, you can choose the type of wine that's most appealing to you, depending on the origin, the grape or the time it has been in the barrel. The idea is to put your palate to the test and discover new wines that will surprise you.

Now that you know all the advantages of a wine tasting at Mallorcària, we recommend booking yours so that you have a guaranteed spot and will be able to choose the type of wine that you are going to try. It's in your hands whether you'll get to partake in this unique experience in Mallorca with its excellent wines. Sound like something you'd be up for?

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